Seminario: "Interval Temporal Logics: a Journey", relatore Angelo Montanari, 22 marzo 2012

Interval Temporal Logics: a Journey

Angelo Montanari (Università di Udine)

giovedì 22 marzo 2012 - 15.30 Aula PT1 (di fianco alla Sala Seminari del DEI, Politecnico di Milano)




In this talk, I describe a family of modal logics for reasoning about relational structures of intervals over (usually) linear orders, with modal operators associated with the various binary relations between such intervals, known as Allen's interval relations. The formulae of these logics are evaluated at intervals rather than points and the main effect of that semantic feature is substantially higher expressiveness and computational complexity of the interval logics as compared to point-based ones. Without purporting to provide a comprehensive survey of the field, I take the audience to a journey through the main developments in it over the past 10 years and outline some landmark results on expressiveness and (un)decidability of the satisfiability problem for the family of interval logics.